Eucharistic Adoration

"Gaze upon Me.
Let Me gaze upon you.
As you recognize Me in the hiddeness of My Divine Body -
this little wafer of Living Bread - the Host -
so will you recognize Me hidden in your body, My Beloved and Precious Child.

Reflect and meditate on this often. 

Turn to Me and seek Me now before you.
Yearn for Me.
For then when you leave,
you will know with certainty that I live in you.
You must practice 'this presence' - My Presence -
in the present moment.
I must teach you to live,
trust and share My presence.
I desire that you help others to turn to Me,
seek Me, and invite Me to come into their hearts, mind, and body.
Each one is called, prepared, and sanctified, to be My Temple -
the Living Temple of GOD!
You are the 'living' Temple,
just as the Church is My Living Body.

This mystery is being revealed,
for now is the time for the confrontation
between Light and darkness.
I with you need to confrontthe devil and his minions.
It is your time to live
what Saint Paul shares with the Ephesians - in chapters 3 and 6.

Peace, My Apostles of Love and Mercy" 
Your JESUS of Mercy

I encourage you to visit Me - in person or face time 
*Perpetual Adoration

I wait for you!